Human Design
a dance with life
by a Generator 6/3

For me, Human Design is a bridge that connects our invisible perceptions with measurable evidence for the mind – or in other words: the strongest support I have encountered in my life.
Working with it every day for a few years has given me ease. It’s not about living a “dream life”, but MY life.
With Human Design as a tool, I relax more and more into my being. And this creates a feeling of abundance on many levels, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, materially and physically. This knowledge has led me to my core.
And I experience my life with more ease and joy.

This scientific aspect has made me SEE and taught me to FEEL. ACCEPTANCE – for myself & for the other actors in my movie.

Nice to have you here.

Let’s start

your journey

Mini Reading

Let your Human Design Journey begin
Regardless of what you know about Human Design, about your chart, about YOU, I share my perspective, knowledge and intuitive insights of your chart with you. I will take you on a journey through your own personal mechanics and energetics and tell you a story.
Unique, holistic, touching, surprising, empowering. . . just like YOU.

You can always have this self-love to go with you.

HD Soul Session

Let’s dive deeper – Reading
The 1:1 zoom session is like a jump into the ocean.
We don’t just look at your mechanics, strategy and authority,
but we keep discovering themes, finding perls and treasures,
that want to come to the surface, that invite us to get to know yourself.

The session with me is holistic. That means: I let myself be guided.
From you, from Ra, my gut feeling, my intuition and everything that is.
This is your time with me and we can shed light on any topic
(also several charts in connection), wherever you are on your journey,
I’ll take you by the hand for a while and hold space for you
… so that you learn to lead yourself.

Trust over Control

all level, english
June 6-9 2024
13 Uhr Europe
4:30pm India
7pm Indonesia
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if you have no clue about Human Design – this is for you
if you want to understand it better
– this is for you
if you are open to stories and new perspectives
– this is for you
if you are stuck and nothing really works
– this is for you 
if you want to get to know yourself better
– this is for you
if you want to understand your family better
– this is for you
if you are done with drama in your life
– this is for you
if you want to get basic knowledge and wisdom
– this is for you

if you like my way of sharing this knowledge – WELCOME

Your free chart

Do you know your birthday, the time and the place?
Then you can start right here and now and GET YOUR CHART FOR FREE!

You recognize the truth by the resonance in your body.
Don’t let anyone tell you anything. It is YOUR truth. YOUR LIFE.
My favorite topics
Story of a chart
Sacral Power
The Variables


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We need more Popcorn

Anika, why more popcorn?
For me, popcorn is the symbol of movies. When we snack on popcorn, we are relaxed and ready for entertainment. What if your life is the most interesting entertainment show you’ve ever seen?!

The more we manage to become observers of our lives, the easier it gets. This does not mean that we are just passive spectators – we feel, we live, we experience, we survive – but we do not allow ourselves to be thrown off course.

If we don’t identify with our opinion, we don’t have to defend it.
If we don’t identify with our anger, we don’t have to hurt others.
If we don’t identify with joy, we don’t have to be sad when it comes and goes.
Our task is to let body wisdom, design and the unconscious guide us.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the movie – YOUR movie.
It’s not about finding yourself.
Because you were never lost.
Just start to remember.
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