Sacral Activation

Find your
answer with the right questions

Generator / Manifesting Generator.
You have a POWERHOUSE within!!!! It's time to activate it. When we ask those questions, to ourselves, our minds can often trick us at the beginning. Because it comes from the mind. So I developed a special technique that fits my design and which connects you with your gut, your power, your compass. No mind! Powerful!

You don't need advice.

Tell me what you wanna know. And I'll ask YOU questions.
And the first question is always:
Are you ready for the truth? Your body already knows.
Sacral Activation


Activate your Sacral Power
The Sacral Center knows no vocabulary.
And it has no reason why.
It is your compass without words.
The trick is to learn to hear that voice and, above all, to trust it. Because it is not logic.

It doesn't matter what you think dear Generator / Manifesting Generator.
Whenever you are asked a question, you are offered manifestation.
Read that again, Sacral Being! Our pain is: we have never been asked.

Your life force knows what is right for you, what you are putting energy into.
Therefore, it is not about whether you want something or not,
but the question is always whether you have energy available for it.
Decisions from the mind are not YOURS (not-self) and lead to confusion,
loss of energy, frustration and renewed ignorance of your power.
I have developed a specific questioning technique that will lead you to clarity.
Tell me what it's about and I'll ask you questions.
Because you don't need counselling, you just need the right questions.
Are you ready for the answer? Are you ready for your truth?


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    Dear Anika,

    You have pulled me out of a really bad inner position with your questions. You grounded me and let me get my strength back. Your absolutely correct questions give me an incredible inner peace and I find my way back to myself.
    It is a blessing that you exist. Much love to you

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    Claudia Franke


    A very spontaneous conversation with dear Anika for me very interesting to learn more about my sacred intuition. I will definitely do it again. Thank you very much

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    Peter Schäfer


    The feeling of letting go in confidence is simply indescribable. That’s exactly what I was able to do during and after the session with Anika. Her appropriate questions turned my head off and my gut feeling on. I could feel 100% what was just right.
    And then there was also free courage and encouragement to continue on your own path.
    Thank you dear Anika!
    Best wishes to India.

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    I had a sacral session with Anika and it was an absolute eye-opener.
    Everything was absolutely coherent and very touching.

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