MINI Reading


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A personal MINI Reading of your Chart (15-20min)

After more than 400 Mini Readings I can tell stories about your reactions like … tears, sigh of relief, goosebumps … This is a very soft, loving warm and soul refreshing dive into your Human Design.

Start where you are. You don’t need any knowledge about Human Design.

It doesn’t matter what you already know, about yourself or your chart or Human Design, I’ll voice for you whatever comes when I take a first look at your chart. An intuitive immersion. You can already learn so much about your Design in this 20 minute voice recording. I speak about your type, your profile, the strategy, your decision-making power and to your soul after all. And then about one or the other thing that catches my eye…. maybe about business, nutrition, the incarnation cross or about interacting with others, the partnerships… there is sooo much to see.

If you want to continue afterwards, you will receive a credit of 33 euros at your full chart reading.
valid: one week after I delivered the MINI Reading

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A wonderful first flow about your genetic fingerprint that will enchant you no matter where you are.

Let yourself be carried away and travel with me for a lap on the flying carpet through your Design. It’s going to be magical. This voice memo is a real treasure because it is always with you and whenever you need a confidence boost, a decision-making aid, a reminder of your strength, you press PLAY. You will always hear something new and different. Because you are increasing your awareness every day. It’s time for your cells to remember. Be ready to embark on your journey through your solar system.

1 review for MINI Reading

  1. Brigitte

    Ja 👍🏽 ich hab es schon das zweite Mal gehört und bin baff. Auf den Punkt. Meine Fehlverhalten sind genau die genannten aber wie ändern… mir fehlt stellenweise die Fantasie es auf eine konkrete Situation anzuwenden.. ich lasse es jetzt mal wirken und ich danke von Herzen für Dein Sein und tolle Art Dinge rüber zu bringen 💕 Brigitte

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