Human Design Chart Reading

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Human Design Chart Reading – Zoom 

Light on your chart.
live 1:1 via zoom
incl. voice recording

Our bodygraph is complex but also very straight forward and clear. It tells us everthing about relationships. How we dance with the universe. It shows how the mechanics of your energy work. Are you ready to dive all in?

We go beyond that mental image and make sense of the mechanics in your unique personality and design.

Whether you want to have a basic understanding or you have a specific topic/question about your design or just want to learn more about your chart, type, strategy, authority, profile, energy flow, purpose in life, interaction with others, nutrition, your environment, the nature of your mind and much more in general – everything is possible here. Magic is possible. We create a space for miracles…

and I promise: it will be wonderful.

Duration is 90min

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We take a holistic look at your chart and illuminate it.

We talk about your design, your path, what moves you and what drives you. A journey into the depths of your open centers that could have caused you trouble, because that’s where you hear the music of others…
let’s ask where does this pressure come from that pushes you to make decisions that might be not in your own favor and energy field … and how do you even recognize the voice of your personal inner authority.

What is your strategy and how do you manage to put it directly into practice.
You will get a lot of knowledge and wisdom from my (positive, life-affirming) perspective and you will sometimes say “Oh, I have never seen it that way”.

We won’t talk much about Human Design in general, because you can find out all of that information online, we dive into YOUR design, recognize your individuality and you’ll get out a lot of insights.
It’s not about me telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, I would never presume to do that.
It’s about starting to be mindful and very conscious in everyday life.
We tickle your cells, your origin, your foundation awake.
It’s nothing new what I’m telling you, your cells know the plan, they may start to remember and unlock your potential that way.

Get ready for a journey through your solar system.

This call will take place via Zoom and you will then be sent an audio recording.


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