Sacral Stories 15 or 30

From: 55.00

The correct decision: Sacral activation

When you’re stuck and your head is spinning in circles, your sacral will give you clarity.

There is nothing more powerful than your sacral!

Tell me what it’s about and I ask you questions to get you out of your head into your sacral

What a gift our sacral authority is. We love yes/no questions. In this Sacral Activation Session we will connect you to your sacral sound, your inner voice, your authority. There is nothing to do but switch off your mind, relax and let your gut do the talking…
… and people are always surprised at answers without pro/con lists. How clearly and quickly they can decide. How easy and right it suddenly feels. And I hear your big siiiiiiigh already …
Because… there are so many things your mind doesn’t know about you.

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This session is for you if you are a Generator/ Manifesting Generator with a SACRAL AUTHORITY.

+ if you’re not getting anywhere – in your business, privately, in general
+ if you think you have to, but somehow you don’t, or can’t or don’t know how
+ if you are confused
+ if you want to be taken by the hand
+ if you don’t want advice, just the correct questions and an answer from your higher self

There are two variants: short and to the point (Sacral 15) or with a history and debriefing (Sacral 30).


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