I love & live individuality.

The greatest good we have is our time. So let’s not waste any time.
We get in straight away. You and me. And yes, it’s about time.
Time to finally live YOUR life, to feel YOUR power,
to leave YOUR glitter traces.

Come on… I’ll take your hand! You don’t have to do this alone!

You want to know how that works? Click here.

The Story of your Life


I support you for several months on your transformative journey.
You will get my private number and you will be in my energy
throughout your process.

Did I pique your interest?
Write me so we can talk about your goals and create
your personal and individual offer.


How does that work?

You definitely need your birth details (time * place * date).

The sessions will be held via ZOOM.
You will get your recordings afterwards.

Sacral Session can happen on the spot.
As a sacral being I am very spontaneously available.
And I understand the urge 😉

So, basically all you gotta do, is less and integrate your strategy.

Energetic healings and a book are included in the several-months collaboration.

Our conversation is the foundation.
But it’s never just about the information. That’s just knowledge. When knowledge is experienced, it becomes wisdom. And that’s where we want to go. So that you can easily and radically expand your consciousness in everyday life, I am with you via messenger (TG, WA). You stay in my energy over time, we celebrate, laugh, cry, live.

Until… yes, until you meet yourself. And crush yourself head over heels.
And you tell me: Anika, I’ve got it. I will never be alone again.
Because now I have myself always by my side – and that is the one I love.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.