what is YOUR Story
and what are fairy tales.

mWhy are you here, dear soul?
And by “here” I mean my website 🙂

Curiosity, tingling, recommendation … ?
Anything that tells you “there must be more to life…” ?

Each of us has our own individual blueprint, our own story, our own challenges
and our own unique way to go.
But how are we supposed to live our uniqueness if we don’t even know
what makes us so special?
Where are your talents hidden… and whom do you want to celebrate your uniqueness with?

Society wants to homogenize humanity, but now is the time to fight back!
And this is exactly where Human Design supports you.
Knowing your openness, your gifts, talents and stumbling blocks is the best gift
you can give yourself!

Find out which is YOUR story and which are fairy tales.

To travel to a new country you have to leave the old one.

Take my hand. I have been there!


Take a look at your bodygraph. All the open/white spaces bring questions with them.
Here are some you can ask yourself. And then look back and see:
Where had this pressure from the NOT-SELF taken you in your life so far?
What decisions did you make under absolute pressure from outside?
Only because you had no patience, no faith in life, the illusion of taking control.

Questions for you

How do you know if the timing is correct?
What would have happened if you had slept on it one more night?
If you would have followed your inner authority…. hmmm …
would you do this job now?
wake up next to this person?
live in this house…?
WAKE UP my dear!
Do you even dare to live YOUR life? Change also means going through the mud sometimes… but you keep going!

If it was up to me I would never live in India, I couldn’t offer you my hand now, I wouldn’t be free and I couldn’t offer to hold space for the other.
I have not changed my life.
I have awakened my consciousness.
Allowed life to happen! And life has changed me.

How? Come … I’ll show you! From now on life is COLORFUL every day.

When I started responding to life instead of initiating under pressure, I didn’t change my life, but life had started to change me.

The defined centers are your permanent employees. The open ones are the freelancers. If a center is white in the bodygraph, it is undefined or open.

What happens here:

The antennas are directed outwards. You don’t know when they will come to work today, whether they will still be there for the next project and how they will get along with the others. The cards are constantly being reshuffled.
There is no consistency.

More specific?

The questions in the graphic remind you of your openness. (scroll)

You can borrow some energy from the outside, but you’ll burn out if you hold onto it. You feel pressure, bitterness (projector), frustration (generator), anger (manifestor) or disappointment (reflector).

Do you believe you gotta hold on to that? Well, THIS is the moment when you think “I can’t do it anymore” – sure, because you’re not dancing in your rhythm.
And that awareness of the moment leads you to selfcare and self love after all.

you and the other

You are unique, special, like no other.
And yes, your counterpart too.
And sometimes it’s hard to understand, to accept that people have a different way, a different energy level.

Taking a look at relationships of any kind, whether in business, in the family, among colleagues or in friendships, creates so much clarity, peace, a smile and tolerance. This makes dealing with others much easier, but also with yourself (setting boundaries, expectations, undertakings, cooperation) … and after all, it should be easy, right?
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