Leader, creative director, accountant, behind the scenes puller, trailblazer, …

Penta. This is what a group of 5 people or more is called. And from this constellation, behavior changes and we take certain roles.
Do you know your role?

And yes, there are also smaller groups.

How is it in your partnership, for example? In your family?
In your circle of friends?

Are you the lead in your play or are you an extra?
Or are you even sitting in the audience in your OWN play?

It becomes easier when we accept the other as he is and not as he should be.

If we feel good about what we do and give ourselves the leading role in our lives, then working and living together becomes much easier.
Boundaries are set and accepted, the distribution of tasks is clear
and no one gets in the way of the other.

AcceptDANCE with me.

The result is satisfaction, success, it’s peaceful and often very surprising!

On Air

– only German for now. But very open to international collaborations

As a generator, I love questions.

Since 2021 I have been invited to participate in numerous podcasts as an interview partner.

I like to talk about my favorite topics,
which can be integrated into almost all areas:

human design

2027 – the change of humanity

Holistic conscious living

Flip flops & high heels, a life in balance

On Stage


As a speaker at online conferences,
I have already been able to meet and inspire

people with the topic
“Human Design in Companies”.

I’m also happy to talk LIVE on stage.

Human design can be introduced into all areas,
because if we understand the essence, the foundation,
then there will be clarity in the team structure,
the partnership, the family, the colleagues, your self.

Are you open to a new era?

Start with yourself

We are often more concerned with evaluating the behavior of others,
judging around and above all:
to take it personally.
The best thing you can do for others is, to deal with yourself!

The journey to yourself begins right here and now! And whether your head believes it or not, you’re already in the process of transformation.

The world, the collective consciousness is changing.
Time and space no longer matter.

Let’s meet together via zoom and shake, perceive, look at
and maybe transform the skepticism.

I am looking forward! To your courage. To the success that we will celebrate together! There is nothing quite like realizing that this life just wants to be lived and loved to the fullest!

Write me for an individual offer!