This is where your journey BEGINS.

Here you can get Short Stories about your type, definition, decision making process or a personal overview as a short story of your chart. It is recorded so you can listen to again and again.

It will touch your soul.


You and me.

Together we will look deep into your chart. You get a wonderful amount of information and that’s where the journey begins. Because it is never about the information – it’s how you USE the information. I support you in the implementation into everyday life and in the transformative process of integration.

It gets under the skin, into the cells and nothing is like it used to be.
Are you ready?

To create your FREE Chart (Menu) you need: Birthday,
time and place of birth.

A little hint:
if you don’t know this, you can ask at the registry office.

You don’t have to do this alone!

If you want change and if you are looking for a group dynamic (tribe, community), you’ve come to the right place.

My group offers are always new. Always different … Mostly flexible and flowy, like me.

Also I offer family or group sessions.


Story of your Life


You are ABSOLUTELY READY for change – no matter what?

You have already tried so many things and would like to courageously begin not only to recognize your potential, but also to finally live it.

I’m offering a few spots for the absolute TRANSFORMATION!

More 1:1 with me is not possible.

I’ll take you on the journey… it’s YOUR journey. Maybe the journey of your life, that’s up to you. You will walk the path. Step by step. I hold your hand, straighten (or cross) perspectives, mirror your words and behavior in everyday life, so that you start immediately to implement the information from your chart.

This offer is my piece of gold, my heart. My sacred yes.

That’s why I create it individually for you.

If you are ready, then write me and we will arrange a zoom in which we will talk about your goals, situation and strategy.

You will already learn to make the decision from your inner authority. The journey to yourself begins right here and now! And whether your head believes it or not, you’re already doing it. There is no more ‘i try’ – life is not a rehearsal!

There is nothing quite like realizing that this life just wants to be
lived and loved to the fullest!