Time stands still. We are the ones who perish.
We talk about everything that moves us on the subject of time
and what this has to do with human design and 2027.

I have observed in Germany:
Clocks hang and tick everywhere, everyone knows the time, but no one has it.

I can’t make it through a green phase of the traffic lights at the moment,
and yet I have sooo much time. She simply doesn’t run away any more.

We look at the concept of time-stretching and I give you
practical inspiration for everyday life to try out.


This call is FREE for everyone in the “Love over Fear” audio course community.

Grab the audios for 99 euros too
or book the call and get the Zoom link.

Let yourself be inspired and be filled with new impulses and energy

to look at time in a completely different way.


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    Dear Anika, I am fascinated by my own experiment. I thank you…and also the other participating beings, for accompanying, telling and asking. This room brings me back a little more to my physical center, to myself. ✨💞✨

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    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Anika, for always creating such beautiful spaces for a unique exchange. You live your HD experiment so authentically and passionately and have become a valuable source of inspiration for me. Whether it’s a Zoom session, podcast or Instagram, I just love listening to your voice and learn something new every time. This is also the case in this workshop 🙂

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    What a wonderful experience to come together and exchange ideas in this room. It’s always amazing how quickly people who were previously complete strangers can form a trusting bond in such a short space of time. Perhaps that has something to do with the similarities. But definitely with Anika’s talent for connecting people. With her keen instinct and the right timing for questions, she manages to move and guide. And then it is suddenly there: the moment when your sacral speaks and you are perhaps a little surprised yourself by what it answers and so moved, because you sense that it is your truth… try it!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Anika

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