I am an entrepreneur.

It is really never too late!
I had to turn 6 x 7 years old before I realized that … well, realized what actually?

ME! Before I started to really get to know MYSELF.

We can’t help but find and live our purpose here when we finally begin to follow the strategy that is ours, so that people, opportunities, places and events come to us
at the correct time.

And I had to grope from one experience to the next in complete innocence.
Where else would all my stories come from…

It got easier when I started to accepted who I am and stopped trying to turn into someone I should be.

More of my story

It was never about whether I trained as a hotel manager, worked in the event sector for 20+ years worldwide, studied trade fairs and events and graduated from high school. It was always about experience.

And stories.

And whether I brought breakfast to Roger Moore, met the Dalai Lama, jumped out of a plane, worked at the Olympic Games in Beijing, experienced a panic attack on the way to India at Frankfurt Airport, whether being in love in Italy, engaged in India, ​​about miscarriages, job losses, my cat cafe in India, salsa dancing in Korea, rising and falling and getting up again …
that is life. And I want to feel it, experience it, live it.

In every cell.
It really is not about WHAT we do as a generator, it is about HOW we do it.

And it was always about the experience behind it. Clarity comes to me in the rearview mirror. And when in retreat I have extracted the lesson, and I am telling you about it…

… so that you can take something away from it for yourself.

So … tell me … if life happens FOR YOU, then what comes NOW??

My business is a Manifesting Generator

Have you ever thought about looking at your business completely independently and detached from yourself? Human Design Stories is here with the Incarnation Cross of Consciousness… She came into the world already with a challenge as a 3/5 profile. Why? Because she can. HDS is sacral, has a thinker’s design and crazy ideas.

I also have sacral authority, an open mind and a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, whereby I can always see where there is potential, where things can be improved, which I like to tell the world provocatively through stories.

Together we are an unbeatable conscious and future-oriented team!

Wanna dance with us?



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PTL 1, Analyst Training


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Living your Design Course

International HD School, USA

Certified Quantum Human Design Analyst (Level 1.2)

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Basic loading of the breathing technique ‘Inspirational Breathing’


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Press Reviews

 A lively interview with me was recently published in the german online-Magazin happinez. If you want to learn more about me and my work, please take a look.
Have fun reading – if you speak German.