Light on Human Design – my perspective

Let Human Design be the experiment of your life.


Yes, because it is an invitation to break through the conditioned, learned, habitual behavior and to make mindful decisions.
An invitation to recognize and accept one’s own uniqueness and that of others, a science in itself, born from the depths of ancient wisdom and research of modern physical mechanics.

The system came to us in 1987 through Alan Krakower, Ra Uru Hu, how he named himself, on the magical island of Ibiza. So it’s still very young.

If you ask me, the universe thought: People just don’t understand that there is no point in comparing themselves. We give them a very clear, logical system with an indescribable depth, so that they are fascinated and convinced at the same time not only to let in on their uniqueness, but also to gain a lot of strength from it and allow themselves a lot more to be themselves.

For me it is a reorganization of processes itself and decision-making processes in life and thus a much more flowy way of living. More and more often I recognize whether I make decisions and act under pressure or whether I can allow a space of uncertainty and then react to impulses. That’s my strategy. REACT.
But you have to be able to perceive that first of all…
the moment of reaction or action.

And that is exactly what this journey with Human Design is about – for me. Perceive in everyday life, where is the pressure, how do I follow my strategy,
and making the decision from my
inner authority, from my body wisdom, instead of from my head.

Because there is so much that our heads do not know about us.

5 Love Letters

Dear Projector,

Our leader of the new era … you are growing into this role, learning how to deal with your energy. Even if you are surrounded by generators, you are not here to physically accelerate like they do. You are the director in this play of the world. With just one sentence you can qualitatively improve a situation, saving others 8 hours of time. That’s why the following applies to you: strength lies in calm.

And when we recognize your wisdom and are ready, you become our inspiration. We need you because you bring magic, poetry and love into this world.

And maybe you’re asking yourself: hey dear people… I know the solution! Why is nobody asking me!!! The answer is: because we are not there yet, dear projector.

Wait for the invitation because when you are recognized and invited to share, you will feel a surge of happiness and success. Promise. And until then, do what you love and become a master at it.

Dear Generator,

You wonderful, magnetizing bundle of energy! Don’t you ever get tired? Yes? Well, then ask yourself whether you are doing something that brings you joy and turns your motor on or whether you are “just” active for others. “Do what you love” isn’t for you… the question is: do I have the energy for it? Because otherwise your head may trick you again.

You are here to get to know YOURSELF, to enjoy (!) working and to express your energy into the world and when you are energized by what you do, you become a radiant magnet. You are all about your aliveness, your gut feeling, you are here to be powerful and alive in what you do.

You are the engine of the world and we notice that. We want some of your energy because it’s so radiant!

Watch out not to get sucked dry. Just because you CAN do all the things doesn’t mean you HAVE to!

Dear Manifesting Generator,

You are one of the fastest. So fast that sometimes something inside you screams: “Why are you all still jumping around? Let’s go!!”

And then, out of efficiency thinking, you might skip a few steps and ask yourself:

how did I end up here? I didn’t want to go there. Oops, forgot the key… oops, roll backwards. We love your power and watch in amazement as you dance at multiple weddings at the same time.

And then we say “take a break, relax…” because we can’t believe it will only give you more energy!!! Do your thing…others may not understand, because if it energizes you, it’s correct. Just make sure that you don’t start new activities out of pressure, but out of joy.
Because you are here to REACT.

Can’t you even finish something?! No? Don’t worry … you don’t have to. Wait for signs from the universe, take a deep breath, make a decision and only then start running. There is no rush, my dear. breathe

Dear Manifestor,

Your energy is so strong that we notice when you enter the room.
Without knowing it, you have a great influence on us, because we feel your aura, your being, which loves freedom so much.

And in this freedom you feel peace, because then you can be ‘crazy’ and bring something new into the world. You are so incredibly innovative and you get angry when something limits you. You are here to ignite the spark in others!

We know you don’t like questions! Don’t worry… we don’t provide any. And you don’t have to ask for permission either, but please, please inform us. If you jump from one cloud to the next in your non-verbal creative flow, let us know!

You are not here to work too hard physically. Your energy works for you. You have a team and people who implement your ideas, but we need to know what to do. When you know your inner creative flow, you are unstoppable and you don’t waltz, you salsa with the universe. do you know what you want.

Dear Reflector,

It’s so nice to know you. You are our mirror, the audience in the play of the world. And that’s why it’s so, so important for you that the time, place and company
feels right and comfortable for you. You are our glittering unicorns. Every day, every moment is different for you. YOU ARE different… and sometimes you ask yourself: and who am I then?

You need a good environment, because you reflect us again. You reflect the potential of potential.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own personality, you are complete and perfect as you are. You may ask yourself: “is it easier to be the mirror or to look in the mirror?” Dear moonchild, take your time with your decisions and connect with the power of the moon. Choose your company wisely. Anyone who knows you won’t want to let go of you. Your pure presence touches us.

So Anika, what’s your story?

As a Generator 6/3, I’m here to experiment and sometimes ist is just about finding out what is NOT working. Because that’s just as valuable. Because it is an abbreviation for YOU! Imagine someone handing you a list of all the things that do NOT work. You would have saved a lot of time. When I learned about the energy circuits in training and realized from my chart that I ONLY have collective channels, I cried.

My soul felt the truth: I do not live and collect these experiences for myself.
I’m here to share! And everything suddenly made sense.

The moment – when your life, your being suddenly makes sense and your mind gives in, lets yourself fall into the rocking chair with relief … A sigh of relief, clarity and so much motivation to continue and live even more, which I always felt, but sometimes suppressed by this conditioned homogenization of humanity.

And the pieces of the puzzle come together quite late in my life.
But now they do …. with a thunder kind of energy.
I had to live the stories first, that I am going to tell you.

Kid, you always cause such a stir. You create chaos.

Yes, mom… that’s what I’m here for.

I’m not here to be nice … and sometimes I lack patience when there is too much ignorance … one or the other hostess in China, colleagues in India or even my yoga students must have felt it from time to time.